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Short-term detectors suitable for indicative surveys and conveyancing needs




Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can accumulate within buildings and is the second largest cause of lung cancer after smoking. The potential for Radon with a property varies depending on a number of factors including the regional geology, underlying rocks and where you live.

During the process of property sale or renting, a purchaser or tenant may enquire as to whether or not the property has been monitored for radon. Buildings that were constructed prior to the more stringent UK building regulations coming into place and those identified as being in a radon affected area are more prone to high radon levels.

The Rapidos® is a device intended for a rapid radon measurement that will provide an indicative result prior to a more long-term monitoring assessment being undertaken to confirm the findings. These are detectors specifically designed for short-term monitoring of radon and are ideally suited to the property market.

These detectors are normally sent as a pack of two and are used to carry out a measurement of radon for a period of 10 days. With on in the master bedroom and the other in the main living space. The use of a single detector shall not result in an accurate assessment of the property.

Once the detectors have been received at the laboratory the analysis report will be produced within 1-2 weeks and will be emailed directly to you.

Rapidos Detectors Each

  • As  part of our package you will get:

    • Free Outbound Delivery within the UK,
    • Easy to follow instructions for placement location of detectors in a property,
    • Secure Online Account with Log In for logging start and finish dates,
    • Analysis and Report of measurements available on online from our accredited laboratory,
    • Measurement of radon levels that are approved and comply with UK standards,
    • If the detectors are placed correctly according to the instructions, a radon measurement that has been seasonally adjusted and averaged over year,
    • Addition telephone support should you have and questions or in need of advice.

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