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When determining Radon levels within a property RPmatters can provide assistance through a combination of measuring systems, with rapid indicative monitoring that can be used to obtain a “screening” level prior to a definitive long term approved radon measuring system.

The Complete Radon Package is one of the most effective options available for determining the Radon levels with a property.


This package uses the Rapidos® (from Radonova, the global leader in radon measurement), this is a system designed for the rapid measurement of the indicative level of radon in the property over a short period (5-10 days). This is employed alongside the Radtrak2® at the same point, the Radtrak2® is left in place to monitor for 3 months to provide a more accurate, reliable and approved measurement of the radon level within the property. The Radtrak2® is then assessed and a validated annual average radon level determined.


The Complete Radon Package contains 2 x Rapidos® Detectors and 2 x Radtrak2® Detectors. The purpose of this is to have one of each in the main living space and one of each in the main bedroom. All of this will be covered in the instructions that come with the pack.

The Rapidos® is returned after 10 days of exposure and after 3 months the Radtrak2® is returned for processing.


Should you have any additional rooms that you spend considerable time in (e.g. children’s bedrooms) please ensure to order an additional Rapidos® and Radtrak2®. NOTE: Only two detectors in a home (main living space and main bedroom) are used to prepare a validated result

The detectors are delivered along with simple instructions on correct placement around the property. Among the instructions will be a login for online reporting where you will need to enter your details along with the start and end date and the location of each detector in the property. 

Once positioned the Rapidos® detectors should not be moved for the duration of monitoring (up to 10 days). Then on completion the detectors are to be returned for processing. When returning the detectors, you will need to log back into the online server and finalise the date when the measurement was completed.

The same process is followed for the Radtrak2® detectors, once in place should not be moved for the duration of monitoring (3 months). Then on completion the detectors are to be returned for processing. When returning the detectors, you will need to log back into the online server and finalise the date when the measurement was completed.

The start and finish date is used during the analysis of the detectors to accurately measure the levels of radon within the property.


Following the return of the exposed Rapidos® detectors, once in the laboratory, they will be analysed immediately, and a report is produced on your account.

Later in the monitoring, when the exposed Radtrak2® detectors are returned to the laboratory they will be analysed and a report of results is produced, which are then presented on your electronic account (which can be printed at any time should you wish for a hard copy).

Once the detectors have been received at the laboratory the analysis report will be produced within 1-2 weeks and will be emailed directly to you.

Complete Radon Package

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