• David G Lenden

We are still here, and so is Radon

We have all been affected by the Coronavirus to some exent and I want to send our best wishes to everyone that has been sufferred as a consequence of Covid19.

One of the changes inflicted upon us relates to our place of work.

Those of us that can, have been working from home. Which has it's pro's and con's. We can see more of our family, and have Zoom meetings interupted by our pets. You choose which is the "pro".

If you are working from home, the responsibilties for your health, safety and well being at work remain with your employer. Under the health and safety legislation they should complete a risk assessment for your working conditions. This should include all foreseeable reasonable risks. Simple things like managing your working hours, display screen assessments and, where applicable, the Radon level in the home.

If you work from home and are in a Radon Affected Area, or your home office is below ground level anywhere in the UK, you could be exposed to more radiation than someone working full-time within a nuclear reactor site.

The ONLY way to KNOW is to MEASURE.

As we start moving into autumn and winter it is a better time to carry out measurement whereever your workplace is; at home, in a office, school, shop or factory.

It is bad enough that the coronavirus is likely to be a problem for a few years without taking simple steps to reduce the risk from the second leading cause of lung cancer (after smoking).

Whether you come to our site RPmatters.co.uk, email admin@rpmatters.co.uk and quote this blog title for a discount or even if you contact one of our competitors (there are a couple out there but we think we are in a better position to support you) I would ask that you have your workplace measured.

Stay Safe

Social distance

Wear masks where needed

Enjoy life

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