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Privacy Policy

If you or your employees have any further concerns, our Data Protection Officer will be happy to discuss them and can be contacted here (IT@rpmatters.co.uk) 


Collection of Your Personal Data

RPmatters will only collect your personal data if it is volunteered to us by yourself or by your employer for contractual or for a legal obligation.


The personal data we hold on each person is limited to that which is necessary for providing support and legal compliance including but not limited to; Full Name, Work Email Address, Work Telephone Number, and as applicable to the products and services provided.


Your employer will only volunteer your personal data to us, in order for us to provide their business with contractually agreed products or services.


Should you wish for RPmatters NOT to be supplied with your details contact RPmatters and/or your line manager immediately.


Use of Your Personal Data

RPmatters will only use your data to; provide contractually agreed products or services, provide customer service, administer your account, or respond to direct questions.


RPmatters will not contact you in relation to marketing activities unless we specifically request consent for an individual campaign.


RPmatters will only contact you in relation to matters arising from, or the potential for, radiation exposure related to your contractually provided products or services.


Please note that in order to use our services and website, you authorize RPmatters to transfer your personal information across national borders and to other countries where RPmatters and its partners operate, including the United States and Sweden. The privacy protections and rights of authorities to access your information in these countries may not be equivalent to those in the UK. We will only transfer your personal information to these countries where permitted to do so by law and we will take steps intended to ensure that your personal information continues to receive appropriate protections.


Bases for Data Processing


A business that has requested RPmatters take specific steps before entering a contract. For example, hold a meeting about RPmatters’ products or services.



A business that has an active service contract with RPmatters or has purchased a product from RPmatters in the previous 12 months.


Former Client

A business that purchased an RPmatters product more than 12 months ago or formerly had an RPmatters service contract.

Financial records are kept for legal purposes. We will endeavour to use company information for invoices etc. as much as possible. However, if personal information has been used, we may need to keep such records to comply with financial regulations.


Requests for support are kept as proof of instruction. This proof helps in the event of disputes (why was this done?), future problem resolution (how can we prevent repetition?) or in the event of criminal activity investigation (we’ve had a cyber-attack and need to know ‘X’).

Supplier/Business Associate

A business that supplies RPmatters with products or services for resale or business services to aid RPmatters’ business objectives.


3rd Party

A business that RPmatters would like to have a business relationship with.


If RPmatters would like to hold your data, but if you do not fall under another category above, we will seek your prior consent to do so.


Legitimate Interests

​Dosimetry Request Forms of Former Clients

RPmatters store Dosimetry request forms in relation to all former clients for a period of five years. These forms provide proof of instruction and are a record of what has been requested of RPmatters.


As mentioned under for former clients, this data is useful in the event of disputes, clarification, problem resolution and in the event of criminal activity.


Radon Measurements

RPmatters store Radon results in relation to all former clients for a period of five years. These forms provide proof of instruction and are a record of what has been requested of RPmatters.


Recorded Telephone Calls

RPmatters do not, nor do they intend to record telephone calls.

Right to be Forgotten

RPmatters respect your right to be forgotten and will make all reasonable efforts to ensure your right to erasure and to objection are protected.


In some instances, RPmatters may have a lawful basis or legal reason for processing your data, which will limit us in our ability to fulfil your right to be forgotten (e.g. Dose History and reports). In such circumstances we will work closely with you and/or, where necessary, your employer to ensure that the use of your data is a limited or where possible within legal means, deleted.


Automated Decision Making

​RPmatters use no automated decision-making processes.


Questions, Concerns and Complaints

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints please contact our Data Protection Officer in the first instance. They can be emailed via IT@rpmatters.co.uk Alternatively, further contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.


If you are not satisfied with our response/s, it is your right to raise your concerns with the Information Commissioner’s Office.


You can find contact information for the ICO here (https://ico.org.uk/).


Contact Details

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